EU-funded city project in Khorramabad

EU-funded city project in Khorramabad

Vom 21. bis 25. Oktober 2019 veranstaltete die Industrie-, Handels-, Bergbau- und Landwirtschafts-kammer Lorestan einen fünftägigen Workshop zum Thema Stadterneuerung in Anwesenheit von Vertretern des EU-finanzierten Projekts URBiNAT:

From 21 to 25 October 2019, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Agriculture organized a five-day workshop on urban renewal in the presence of representatives of the EU-funded URBiNAT project.

The project specializes in the regeneration and integration of socially disadvantaged neighborhoods through nature-based solutions to enable sustainability. Together with the citizens, new urban, social and nature-related relationships are to be established within and between different neighborhoods. Urbanization in Khorramabad posed serious problems, according to the project’s website, because deprived and underdeveloped areas are located mainly in the center and south of the city. Khorramabad has a majestic heritage. Its historical core is the huge citadel Falak-ol-Aflak (The Sky of Heaven). While there are administrative trading centers in the northern part of the city, Khorram and Kargan residential areas are located along the rivers. Also in the north is the Kiu Park, a recreational area with green areas to find.

Various reasons such as lack of accessibility, mobility) and concentration of resources in the northern part have led to tensions and mistrust among the citizens in the South, where many residents feel disadvantaged. This polarises the structure of the city in its present form. Currently, there is no exact plan for the change of the land use pattern and the natural and historical conditions are hardly included. URBiNAT builds on Khorramabad’s experience to improve communication with city planners across the country and eliminate fundamental issues that could hamper the development of the city.

Den originalen Artikel „EU-Funded Urban Project Underway in Khorramabad“aus der Financial Tribune vom 25.10.2019 können Sie hier nachlesen.