2000 tourist spots in Tehran

THR_Teheran-BlickRi.ElburzIn the article “Tehran and its 2000 tourist spots” the capital of Iran is described with over 2000 tourist spots. When someone wants to visit all of them then he has to take 35 days for it.  The history of Tehran is also described. In 1796 Agha Mohammad Khan of the Qajar dynasty chose the city as the capital. So it’s the capital for 230 years. Today Tehran has a population over 14 Million people and tourists from all over the world come there.

The mayor of Tehran, Mohamamd Bagher Ghalibaf says that the city has three regions which have the most number of historical attractions. At first there is “region 1” which is a historical and religious religion while “region 12” is described as “the heart of old Tehran” and last but not least the “region 20” contains many historical and entertainment sites. In this region most of tourists go in.

Actually there are 2511 tourist spots in Tehran and the most popular are Azadi Tower, Milad Tower, Jurassic Park and the Birds Garden.

Furthermore Ghalibaf tells that the tourism in Tehran brings over 10000 different jobs. A new spot in Tehran is also told. Mayor’s Deputy, Naser Amani tells about the Chitgar Lake which is located in the north of Chitgar Park and which can reduce the air pollution in Tehran. There are also recreational spaces and places for sports and culture.

The article “Tehran and its 2000 tourist spots” was published in the Mehr News Agency and it is an announcement of the Deputy of Tehran Municipality on behalf of the Mayor of Tehran, Mohamamd Bagher Ghalibaf.

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