Lian Folk Band presented Bushehri Music

On August 4, the Lian Folk Band performed folk music of their native region Bu­­shehr. The concert was located at the Milad Hall in Tehran and hosted by International Permanent Fairground. The band performed a selection of ethnic pieces which are well-known in the southern coastal areas around the Persian Gulf. The band is playing their music around the world and was in the USA and the Far East. She comprises of ten musicians. At the night concert we saw Aakaa Safavi und Aklou Faramarzi singing the songs. The concert was funded by Kamyab-Baharan who is a music and concert producing company in Tehran. The International Permanent Fairground is located at the Chamran Highway. It is also known as the Tehran International Exhibition Center.

Attribution: Tasnim News Agency [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

You can find the original article „Lian Folk Band will perform Bushehri Music“ from the Financial of tribunes from the 17/08/2017 here.

Here you can watch a music video of the Lian Folk Band: