Italian Pianist Guidi plays in Teheran

piano-1099352_960_720On August 22-23, 2016 we will see the Italian pianist Giovanni Guidi at the Persian Gulf Hall of Niavaran Cultural Center. The pianist will give a piano concert. He is known for jazz and when he plays his strokes are described as subtle and sublime. His breaktrough was in 2004 where he was at the International Summer Workshop of Siena Jazz. He worked for the Rava New Generation project. Also he became the leader of some groups. In 2006 he made the album “Tomorrow Never Knows” and his latest CD came out in 2015. The title is “This Is the Day”. Besides he toured a lot of festivals in Europe and now we can look forward to him in Tehran.

You can find more details in the original article: “Italian pianist Guidi to perform at Niavaran” published by the Financial Tribune on August 2, 2016.

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